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Fenugreek Seed

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We offer qualitative organic Fenugreek Seed, a small stony seed from the pod of a bean-like plant. We have carved a niche as one of the supreme fenugreek seed exporters and suppliers, based in India. This natural fenugreek seed is procured from the reliable vendors to ensure its quality. Fenugreek is available in whole; powder form as well as oil that find its application in perfume industry.

Family name :Fabaceae
Botanical name : Trigonella Foneum-Graecum L
Arabic name : Hulba.
Commercial part : Fruit

Fenugreek Seed are small stony seeds from the pod of a bean-like plant.These seeds are hard, yellowish brown and angular. Some are oblong, some rhombic, other virtually cubic. They are available in whole and dried form, or as a dull yellow powder form ground from the roasted seeds as dry roasting enhances the flavor and reduces the bitterness. Fenugreek is an ancient spice and is mostly used in Middle East, Northern- Eastern Africa and India, especially for pickles. In India, its fresh leaves are eaten as a tasty vegetable, which is prepared like Spinach. Fenugreek is exported in whole, powder form as well as oil that finds it application in perfume industry.

Producing States : Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh &TamilNadu.
Harvesting seasons : February to April
Standard Packing : 25 Kgs/50 Kgs. In New Single Gunny Bags.

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