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Aishwarya Agri Products continues to be the predominant producer and exporter of varieties of chilies across the world. We are one of the eminent red chili suppliers who are renowned in the entire world. The dry Chili is widely demanded in the market due to the rich red colour and the hot taste. In addition to it, dry red chili is also demanded as it adds zing and colour to the food.

Family name: Solanaceae
Botanical name:Capsicum Annum
Arabic name: Filfil Ahmar
Part used:Fruit

Indian Chillies are one of the famous in the world and have huge demand in the overseas market. India continues to be the main producer and exporter of most varieties of Chilli to countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Middle East, South Korea, U.K. and USA & Latin America. Chillies have two characteristics, one their colour because of the pigment called Capsanthin in it and two the biting pungency because of Capsaicin, on the basis of which the varities differ and so its demand. Chilies form an important part of curries and various popular dishes.

Chilli Whole

Guntur Sannam- S4 Type

Guntur Sanam S4 type is the most famous type among the chillies and has a huge demand through out the world. It widely grows in Guntur,Warangal, and Khammam districts of Andhra Pradesh. Their skin is thick,red & hot & has its peak harvesting season from December to May.The annual Production of this type is approximately 2,80,000 tonnes. It has an ASTA Colur value of 32.11 and Capsaicin Value of 0.226%.

Some of the other varities of crushed Chilli are,Byadgi, Nalchetti (Semi Bird Eye), Kashmiri (Annigira), S9 Mundu (Round), Wander Hot, Tomato Chilli,Madras Pari & Tejapuri (Bird Eye).

Producing Centers: AndhraPradesh, TamilNadu,Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan & Assam.
Harvesting Seasons: January To April
Standard Packing:25 Kgs/40 Kgs. In New Single Gunny Bags. *
ASTA Colour Value: 32.11 Capsaicin: 0.226%

Capsaicin Values of some of the well-known & accepted varieties are.

ChilliesCapsaicin value
Guntur Sannam - S4 Type0.226%
Byadagi (Kaddi) Negligible
Nalchetti (Semi Bird Eye)0.12%
Kashmiri (Annigira)
S9 Mundu
Wanderhot (Warangal)
Tomato Chilli (Warangal)
Madras Pari 0.206%

Chilli Powder

Chilli is mostly used in its powdered form in day-to-day cuisine as well as making various seasonings like Sauces, Chutneys & Pickles" to read it as "Chilli is mostly used in its powdered form in day-to-day cuisine.It is aslo useful in making various seasonings like Sauces, Chutneys & Pickles.

Crushed red Chilli are Semi-Crushed form of Whole Chillies and are widely used throughout the world to be sprinkled over Pizzas.

Standard Packing:25 Kgs/50 Kgs. In New Single Gunny Bags.



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